Unlock, Challenge & Cultivate Your Potential For Personal Growth And Sustainable Happiness.

Marc Berghoff
Personal Transformation & Business Coach | Psychologist

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You will embark on a journey blending psychological models and personal exploration, uniquely tailored for mid-career professionals and freelancers desiring more than the ordinary.
Through these concepts you'll learn on how to engage in a happier life:
• Understanding your personal factors contribute to your happiness
• Challenge and overcome your limiting beliefs
• Design support mechanisms to overcome life's hurdles
• Deepen understanding of your needs and desires
• Create an action plan centered around your true self
In this transformative expedition, you will experience:• Focused, one-on-one coaching sessions
• A safe space for exploration of emotions, desires, and dreams
• A supportive, non-judgmental environment
• Continuous growth through practical insights derived from your journey
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I'm Marc, a globe-trotting psychologist-turned-coach, guiding people on their unique path to happiness and fulfillment.
But how'd I get here?
I had a career: HR, racing from student to Department Head in a year. Built a team from scratch and we quadrupled the company in size. I loved the time but in the end that's not what I wanted.
I had the money: Aside from my job I lost myself in the crypto space making a good amount of money. Realizing: Well… I am not a lot happier. By the way, lost most of it - definitely didn't make me happy either.
So I explored the question "what is it that is thriving happiness for me?"
After countless hours of pursuit without any "aha" moment, I stumbled across the happiness paradox. It was a lightbulb moment. Happiness wasn't something to chase. It was something to cultivate. So, I traded 'searching for happiness' for 'working towards fulfillment.'
My coaching approach?
Shaped by exploration and experience across three continents. I've embraced German rationality, Japanese perfectionism, and Colombian chill. It's not just my life, it's my coaching style. The goal? To help you live with no regrets, and plenty of joy.
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